Create mass quantities of Cycles, then break them or combine them into Hypercycles to attract the attention of the ourobori and complete their trial. 

Built with Profectus, which is created by The Paper Pilot

Made for the Profectus Creation Jam


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There seems to be a way to become hard-locked after buying Finally Broken. The Cycle of Points multiplier never reaches the point when buying a Fractured Cycle is possible.

Cycles upgrades bought up to and including Supercycle, 0 buyable and no completed challenge.

I tried to modify the save to bypass the issue, but when getting back to 0 Fractured Cycle after buying a Cycle Shard, the hard-lock happens again.

I'm able to provide an unmodified save if needed :-)

Thanks for your work!

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I found a typo, in the second challenge it calls for a '1 Faceted Cycle" when it actually wants "1 Fragmented Cycle". Almost did not complete the challenge because I could not find a 'faceted' cycle and thought it would show up later.

Edit: Just finished and I think the Trial is slightly broken as well... It is currently costing normal cycles to buy broken cycles, while the Trial description says it is supposed to cost HYPERcycles while in the trial.

Same, I didn't complete the challenge for the longest time because I thought I would unlock it at some point. Pretty major typo

Cool game but something strange happened on my first Cyclic Shard.  I had 4 Fractured Cycles and wanted to save one more for the first shard.  After hitting the Fractured Cycle I then hit the Cyclic shard and it took all 5 Cycles!  I suppose it's possible that I hit Cyclic shard first, but I don't think so.  I'd rather not test it with a new game, but will attempt the same with the next shard, 6 cycles, I'll save more.

Replying to myself.  I just tried to save 7 Fractured to convert 6 Cyclic Cycles and it took all 7 Fractured Cycles and not leaving me with the 1 left over.  Here is a screenshot on imgur of before and after buying... not sure if it will automod a link: 


yeh it seems to reset Fractured Cycles everytime

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Pretty fun, although if you buy "Finally Broken" before bying "Branching Fractures" and "Extra Super Cycles" you badly gimp your progress, becoming suddenly unable to get more than one hypercycle per run (unless you want to spend hours on it)

What I'd probably suggest is making the first effect (Breaking the cycles) only work if you've bought the other upgrades

so thats what i thought x'D
been stuck for hours and was wondering why lmao


how do i fracture a cycle

I dunno it's grayed out for me with all upgrades bought and 60 cycles

It's a really fun game. It reminds me of the 'incremental tree' series of games.

One thing I don't understand is the cycles cost of fractured cycle

It'll say that I need '20" to buy one and I'll have over 100. I'll have to get (I think) 20 on top of my total already in order to buy one. It's a little confusing.

It's required that the Cycle of Points value be over a certain threshold as well. The required value is given in the upgrade text.

Okay, that makes sense now. It wasn't clear to me before this.